As part of an Agile team, you’ll have numerous people all being pulled in different directions. What’s some good practices for you to keep everybody on the same page?

Scalable practices

Having practices that are the same across all your Agile teams allows for a better buy-in to Agile. After all, you’re trying to get everyone singing off the same songsheet. Aren’t you?

1. Use a common build environment

Rather than different users having different setups, ensure that everyone has the same build environment. A place where any part of the team can compare the product to what’s been designed and agreed. This will allow members to raise issues and inconsistencies, nipping issues in the bud.

2. UX bug bounty

Regularly combine product teams to focus on key user flows and capture bugs. The benefit of someone else finding errors beat the problems if released in the wild. By making it a regular fun experience with small prizes, it encourages discussion and closeness between teams.

3. Morning tea demos

 Not strictly in the Agile sense, but informal demos over morning tea on work in progress builds holistic knowledge throughout the teams. It allows people to get ideas from how others are progressing and can spur discussion and better interaction.

4. Big Pictures

Sticking up posters of interfaces and mockups doesn’t just inspire discussion around what’s best, and where improvement can happen, it becomes a reference. Placing it in common areas such as kitchens and breakout spaces allows informal impromptu discussions around the products.

5. Monthly Meetups

A Sprint review with company leaders and the whole product team. These are opportunities for leaders to see progress, give and receive input, and get a better understanding of the product and where it’s going, extremely useful for strategy.

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