We all know that we often have pre-conceptions about people when we meet them. When we work with them, we usually make a bunch of assumptions until we’ve got to where we’re comfortable discussing ourselves.

This is tricky for organisations that want to have a more Agile culture. The way I see Agile culture is that there is a lot more trust in each other and the business, due to there being a very flat structure that just wants to get things done.

Which means getting past the ego and into something approaching realism. How do we do that? (I’m sure I heard you just say…)

So when you’ve joined a company, you may have done a personality test. You’ll remember sitting there filling out some weird repetitive questions which all seemed very secret and hush-hush. You probably answered it to not sound like the mad axe murderer you probably are, just to make sure you sound bland and ordinary and a real ‘go-getter’.

I have to confess, I try to go for the opposite. It’s pretty simple to game these tests, so I use them as a nice way for someone else to pay for me to find out more about me. Pretty cool really!

Now back to the title, Popular Perception. I’ve always coached teams to better understand themselves as individuals and as part of a team. So I’ve often shared The Simpsons MBTI. This is a fun team exercise where people can work out their MBTI. Now, it’s obviously not as accurate as a detailed personality test, but the aim I always have with this is for people not to just understand themselves, but others in the team. This is a way for them to better understand more about people they work with, and may come up with some insights. Comparing yourself and others to a Simpsons character can give some

So I decided to create a guide that was a resource to better understand personality in an Agile World. I could have done it on a website, but that does mean every time you want to check it, you have to go to the site. So I decided to start a book.

Now, if you know me, I’m not one for a million versions before release, I’d rather push it out of the door, get some feedback and then iterate the next version.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done. As of today you can now download version 1.0 of Popular Perception from iBooks (Google Books coming soon). My intention is to keep adding to this as a resource, especially for Managers and Leaders in Agile environments, or those on the journey to Agile.

At present it contains The Simpsons MBTI and the book in a Keynote format if you want to throw it up on the screen. It will have more resources added to help you better on your journey. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to some feedback.


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