As you’ll know if you’re an entrepreneur, getting a simple payment gateway in New Zealand is not the easiest thing in the world.

You’ll have to jump through a number of hoops, none of which are easy, in order to be able to be paid. This makes it difficult to grow quickly, as your time is wasted scanning documents.

Now imagine you can set one up inside of 20 minutes, take payments from around the globe through mobile, web, even Apple and Android Pay, quickly and easily.

Sound interesting?

Say Hello World with Stripe. An entrepreneur’s wet dream.

The Catch

There’s always one isn’t there…. Stripe isn’t actually officially available in New Zealand (yes I know, since when did that stop me).

So this guide is totally unsupported, unapproved and may be hazardous to your health. It’s merely an *example* of how you could do it if you wanted to…

Step 1. US Address

The first step is to get your US address. I can wholly recommend the good ol’ PostShop, set yourself up a youshop address, and you’ll get an American postal address.

Step 2. American Bank account

Go to Payoneer and sign up for a free account (referral link). Payoneer allows you to take UK, US & EU payments, and transfer them to your local account.

Under your Global Payment Service, you’ll see your routing number and account number


You’ll need this for your final step, your stripe account.

Step 3. Stripe Account

Go to and sign up for a new account. Validate your email and once done, go to Settings.

Head to Transfers and add a Bank account


In here, put in your Payoneer details.

Now it will ask you for your SSN ID, this is an American Social Security Number. You’ll probably not have one. So use 1234 in this field.

Stripe will ask for it again later as it won’t find anything. When they do, you can use 00-000-0000 (just fill it up with zeros).

And there we go, you’ve now got the ability to take payments from anywhere in the world, without jumping through a million hoops.

You’ll receive payments on a rolling 7-day basis.

Your mileage might vary on this, stripe could shut it down at any time. However, let’s be honest – they’re taking their piece of the pie on the way through so they won’t be too motivated to shut it down.

Rates are 2.9% and 30c per transaction, so it’s definitely not for micro transactions. But it is sooooo easy!!

For you app developers, stripe offers some amazing ways for you to take in money and get paid.  Native iOS and Android libraries, coupons, recurring billing, and even trials.

Did I mention it will automatically convert into USD for you, and your customers can pay in their local currency?

And it accepts bitcoin…

[stripe name=”Greig Strafford” description=”Thanks for the beer!” amount=”1000″]


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