The Oppo R11s takes on the flagships

Today’s upper tier smartphone market is starting to getting crowded, the Oppo R11s just made it a bit snugger up there. Currently, there’s obviously the two main contenders, the Samsung s9 & Apple iPhone X. Both manufacturers have their own … Read More

Keep locally connected in a disaster

Yet again, New Zealand has been hit by an earthquake, shaking our communities to their core. Whilst communities rallied around each other, the threat of a tsunami meant many people fled their homes to seek safe shelter, splitting people apart. … Read More

Gadget Gear: Google Chromecast

Watching the new Planet Earth 2 trailer, I realised the Google Chromecast has been around for a while, but there’s still plenty of people out there who don’t know what it is, or how it is a great addition to … Read More

Collaborate for Success

The rise of the Business Success Manager

I’m sure you’ve heard of Customer Success Managers, they’re the customer’s advocate in an organisation. Being customer-centric, they focus on ensuring that the customer’s best interests are taken on board by the organisation. That’s ok if you’re dealing directly with the … Read MoreRead More

MS Ignite NZ – The currency of connections

At tech conferences, it’s part and parcel to make connections with fellow like minded thinkers, for me, reporting on the event and taking a subjective view, it’s often a fleeting connection. Today was different. I was fortunate to spend time … Read More

Women in technology: No longer stifled by sales roles

Sitting today in a hall surrounded by geeks, it was the first session where the women outnumbered the men. But after all, this was the Women in Tech lunch session sponsored by Datacom. The rise of women in the technology … Read More

Microsoft Ignite NZ -Taking IoT from PoC to reality

Microsoft Ignite is bringing the IoT revolution to New Zealand, its IoT sessions capturing the interests of geeks and leaders alike. Through hands on sessions and real life project walkthroughs, Microsoft is bringing the IoT to life here in Auckland. … Read More

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Release

From a packed Beijing event reminiscent of an Apple release, Xiaomi today released their new phone, and showed off their concept that will prick the ears of Apple and get a few manufacturers scrambling. The Mi Note 2 is the latest … Read More

Popular Perception – A free book

We all know that we often have pre-conceptions about people when we meet them. When we work with them, we usually make a bunch of assumptions until we’ve got to where we’re comfortable discussing ourselves. … Read More

Xiaomi Mi Band 2

With the million and one wearables out there, why does the Mi Band 2 make so much sense, one that I’m happy to say is my smartwatch of choice? … Read More