Sony CMT SBT-C100 Hi-Fi

In the CMT SBT-C100, Sony have gone back to their roots of amazing Hi-Fis that don’t aim for the general market, but to the consumer who wants everything in one discreet stylish package.

Sony have always been known for stylish devices. Their main competitor in the stereo market seems to be Panasonic, but Sony have always seemed to be one level above. It’s been a while since I bought a Hi-Fi, Sony have not seemed to be on the top of their game, but with the SMT-C100, they are definitely back on top.

The SMT-C100 looks beautiful in any location, its sleek silver metal casing looks the place. Unfortunately, the black mock-wood speakers don’t compliment as well. I’d love to see bamboo or similar being used, because the speakers deserve showing off as they’re not bad for a system.

The SMT-C100 has a range of connectivity; USB, 3.5mm socket, Bluetooth, and even NFC, which make connecting a breeze. The sound quality reflects the work put into the SMT-C100, with the music sounding great across a range of artists and styles. It’s not up there with Denon or separates, but you do need to really know your stuff to get a return on the extra expense of them.

Sony have foregone the now-standard ipod dock, preferring USB, which seems a much smarter decision. Hi-Fis are generally not replaced every year like so many devices, and tend to stick around a lot longer. Sony crammed a lot into the SMT-C100. I would have liked to see a network connection for extra points and the benefits of internet radio et al, but at the price point, they’ve done a lot.

Sony have obviously found some engineers with style, because its so intuitive, it would take an idiot to not be able to work it.

Sony CMT SBT-C100 Summary

If you have an audiophile in the family who loves their music, has migrated to a smartphone or laptop, and yet still has an old Hi-Fi sitting there, do them a favour and point them at this.

Sony have pulled a stunner here, there’s nothing gimmicky about the SBT-C100, it’s like a classic has gone into the shop for an update, and come out still looking serene, but with a lot more power under the hood.





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