Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5"

The Galaxy Tab S is the flagship of Samsung’s tablet range, boasting a 10.5″ AMOLED screen, enough RAM to power a home computer, and wrapped in a beautiful high quality finish. It takes aim at the iPad range, with its screen making it a real competitor to Apple’s premium offerings. As an Apple fan, can it replace the iPad in my toolbag?

The range of tablets offered by Samsung is massive, with it sometimes being difficult to know you’ve made the right choice, the price points are so near, you’re always wondering if it’s worth upgrading to the next level.

But with the Galaxy Tab S, there’s a massive gap between it and the rest of the herd. My friend had spent a lot of time researching to replace his old Tab, and when he brought the Galaxy Tab S in, I knew he’d come up trumps. Underneath, it’s a well specced Android tablet, With 3GB of memory and the fastest chip out there, it’s already amazing, but as soon as you look at that screen, you’re transfixed.

The AMOLED screens look great on the Galaxy range of phones, but when you scale them up to the 8.4″ or 10.5″ screen, you can’t help but be awed at the picture quality. There is no other tablet screen out there that can hold a candle to the Tab S, in fact a video of a candle looks stunning!

I have to be fair to the iPad, I have a mini, but its usefulness has waned in the light of having an iPhone 6 Plus, and I can’t justify getting a larger one, especially when there seems to be constant rumours about an iPad Pro (after the new Macbook, there must be a new iteration of the iPad).

And there is the added bonus of the Tab being Android. Not Google’s offerings in the Play Store, but the capability of improving the capabilities of devices through ahem modifying them…

Within a few weeks, I’d put a new rom on it, which adds some nice tweaks to the interface, and gives me a little more control. With the likes of Cyanogenmod going commercial, there seems to be a move towards more non-Google versions of Android.

However, therein lies my complaint with Android. Samsung were spanked by Google last year over their ‘additions’ to Android, with the sale of Motorola being rumoured to be due to an agreement from Samsung to toe the line. This has been shown in the S6 being trumpeted as having 40% less features and step than the S5! Yet 5.0 Lollipop came out in November 2014, and yet there’s still no upgrade for their flagship tablet, and it’s just rolling out for their flagship phone. That’s disappointing, and a definite difference with Apple.  It’s a shame that there’s no Cyanogenmod 12 rom for the Tab S, you would think somebody in Samsung loves it enough to make it fly?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S Summary:

A bloody good tablet, with that screen it just blows away the competition. There is no other tablet that can keep up. Imagine if Apple let Samsung design an iOS tablet 😉

Oh, and the answer was yes, I have an LTE Galaxy Tab S in my bag.

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