Why is life on the Edge so interesting, frustrating, and ultimately, the best experience with amazing stories?

I sit here on the floor in Air New Zealand’s Innovation lab, listening to amazing insights from US Start-Up industry Leaders and Doers, courtesy of Kiwi Landing Pad, writing this article on Google Docs. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is beside me proudly displayed, proving to be exactly what it was designed to be. The premier business tool of 2016.

I’m a long term iOS user, probably so much so I can be mistaken for a fanboy. Yet to me, the iPhone is a business tool. And lately, I have to admit it hasn’t been my favourite tool. The software is rigid, the creation workflow glitchy with other systems, and it’s generally getting on my nerves.

So when Samsung offered to replace my iPhone with the S7 and prove to me its credentials, it was a no-brainer.

They make it easy to migrate from iOS and pull down the information required. I’ve often used Google, and now it’s probably my go-to creation toolkit. And making the difference is its interoperability that now Apple just can’t match.

If you’re a business owner, small, medium or large; the S7 does fit with you in pretty much any use-case there is. You can run a business from this device easily. The benefits of Android is that it’s constantly tweakable, and can really be suited to the individual’s taste. And the way apps work together is something Apple users can only dream of. In today’s fast moving digital world, the ability of applications to share data between apps is pretty vital to the modern workflow.

The Samsung S7 is the pinnacle of what can be done with a modern smartphone. If you’re looking to replace your current phone, there is no better replacement than the S7. A lot of users are looking for devices that will last them much longer than a year. After all, the modern smartphone is in the Continuous Improvement phase, without large iterations, but more about creating the perfect device.

Samsung did this with the S7, bringing back the SD Card and Water Resistance from the S5, placing it into the S6 design, and going to the next level. A smartphone is a communication tool and a life organiser, and being water resistant, the S7 can go with you, wherever that may be.

My mum has just changed her phone, and bought the latest mid range Samsung. It’s blessed with an AMOLED screen, just like the S7. The AMOLED screen has been Samsung’s key asset, this screen blows everyone else away. There is NO other screen out there that is as good as Samsung’s. And they won’t be surpassed without a major technological shift.

I’ve also discovered a world of new applications, with my three favourites being ANZ Go Money (Phone Paywave!), Beep n’ Go (the app that allows me to be pretty much card free), and Airtable (The best mobile database you’ll ever ever want that’s so easy to use).

The S7’s fingerprint scanner was criticised by Walt Mossberg, yet in my experience it rarely failed. Much less so than the iPhone 6 which seemed to try and find an excuse not to work. With fast recognition times, the scanner did not seem a barrier to cross, just an easier way to secure access.

As expected, the S7 Edge is a powerhouse, not slipping a beat. I did find for the first week, the settings shortcut was ideally placed as my main used app! The ability to tweak and continually improve my interaction with the Edge was fantastic. TBH, I’d given up with the settings in iOS, let alone fixing that annoying iCloud authorisation message that wouldn’t go away.

Slippiness – noun

The state or condition of being slippy

E.g. I’m fed up of the iPhone because of its slippiness.

The S7 was accidentally exposed to the drop test twice, and purposely dropped in the sink. At yet, it still goes on without missing a beat. Every other manufacturer should be using the S7 as their baseline, there is no other option. If you want to retain the beautiful looks of the S7 – buy a case. Please.

The curved screen of the Edge. Always a good discussion topic. One that is a Marmite feature.  Some people will love it, with the natural swiping in from the side to bring up relevant information and shortcuts. Me, I’m more into the original style. I’m not a fan of Marmite.

The S7 has been touted as the ultimate business tool, and I’m going to have to admit, from my experience it probably is.

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