Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers

The Logitech Z600 Bluetooth speakers are a stylish addition to your desk, offering bluetooth connectivity for your computer or phone, so why does there feel like something is missing?

I have to say they’re beautifully designed, and have every connection option under the sun. But there does seem to have been two teams working on it. How do you design a beautiful set of speakers, then forget to add decent sound quality to them?

As a set of desktop speakers, the Z600 Bluetooth speakers are way beyond most others out there. However, they’re advertised as having room filling sound. The Z600s really do fill the room with sound, their 3 drivers per speaker do cover the mid-range very well, but the lack of bass through a separate subwoofer is noticeable. A bit of software tuning does make a vast difference, it just seems that a subwoofer would have made these even more of a formidable opponent to their competitors.

The power cables are I’d say an ‘interesting’ design. I’m sure they were meant to be easy and sleek. Instead, they can prove to be an annoyance if they’re not organised.

A range of connectivity options enables the Z600 Bluetooth Speakers to be used by many different devices. It comes with Bluetooth, a bluetooth dongle to plug into your device, micro usb, and a 3.5mm socket. Apart from wifi connectivity (which would have been absolutely killer on this), there’s not much else that could be added.

The Z600 has touch sensitive volume controls, and very few other options, so it doesn’t need a manual to setup, just a modicum of common sense!

Z600 Bluetooth Speakers – Summary

The Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers are a very nice addition to your desk. The strength and quality of the bluetooth mean it’s nice to use them as your main speakers, connecting to your phone, laptop or computer. That little bit of extra effort would have made them amazing, but they would have had the price tag to match.

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