Growth Consultancy

Being an entrepreneur does mean I’ve made a lot of mistakes already! My consultancy services involve how to grow without making those same mistakes! If you’ve a product or a business, and you want it to grow over the long-term, then flick me an email and lets talk.

Recommended products

Like any consultant, I’ve got my own preferred tools:

googleGrow in Google

Let me guess, you’re stuck with an old email address, whether it’s hotmail, xtra, or even shock horror,!

You’ll have seen the cool kids with their gmail addresses, and are wondering what it’s all about.

Well, lets get you there. With Google, you can gain a bunch of extra benefits, such as using Google Docs, Google Drive and all sorts of cool stuff.

Click here to find out how easy it can be to move to Google’s services, after all, if the kids are using it, then you can too!

Apple_logo_black.svgMoving to Mac

Your Windows computer is full of viruses and asking you to click on this ad or that. You’re fed up. I feel your pain! I started on Macs back when I was a teenager, yes 25 years ago. And I’ve moved a whole raft of people to Macs. Are they expensive? Yes.

The question you should be asking yourself is will it make my life easier?

Most definitely. I don’t have a single person that I’ve moved to a Mac that will allow me to pry it from their hands, and trust me, that’s the way I like it!

Click here to find out how I can make moving to Macs relatively painless (c’mon it’s a computer so a little bit of pain is normal!).

attacheAccelerating with Attaché

You’re using Xero or MYOB, and you’re looking to grow. Well with Attaché, you get the numbers that you, your bank, and your accountant can use to develop strategic plans that you can score yourself against. With Attaché, you can replace a number of different pieces of software to grow!