Xiaomi Mi Band 2

With the million and one wearables out there, why does the Mi Band 2 make so much sense, one that I’m happy to say is my smartwatch of choice? … Read More

Trakdot Luggage

Trakdot Luggage tracker

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PLAYBULB Bluetooth Speaker and Bulb by MiPow

No the PLAYBULB isn’t something you’re likely to find at your local adult shop, but an innovative product by MiPow, a company known for putting products out there that are blue ocean. … Read More

Sony CMT SBT-C100 Hi-Fi

CMT SBT-C100 Hi-Fi by Sony

In the CMT SBT-C100, Sony have gone back to their roots of amazing Hi-Fis that don’t aim for the general market, but to the consumer who wants everything in one discreet stylish package. … Read More

Logitech Z600 Bluetooth Speakers

Z600 Bluetooth Speakers by Logitech

The Logitech Z600 Bluetooth speakers are a stylish addition to your desk, offering bluetooth connectivity for your computer or phone, so why does there feel like something is missing? … Read More

Review – Etón Audio Rugged Rukus Solar Bluetooth Speaker

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