The Oppo R11s takes on the flagships

Today’s upper tier smartphone market is starting to getting crowded, the Oppo R11s just made it a bit snugger up there. Currently, there’s obviously the two main contenders, the Samsung s9 & Apple iPhone X. Both manufacturers have their own … Read More

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 Release

From a packed Beijing event reminiscent of an Apple release, Xiaomi today released their new phone, and showed off their concept that will prick the ears of Apple and get a few manufacturers scrambling. The Mi Note 2 is the latest … Read More

Life on the Edge – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Why is life on the Edge so interesting, frustrating, and ultimately, the best experience with amazing stories? … Read More

Samsung 34″ Curved Monitor SE790C

On going to the office to test this, I was told that my curved TV had arrived and was awaiting my unboxing. Little did they know. This was no mere TV, but a screen designed to strike fear into the … Read MoreRead More

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+

Hands on at the release of Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ & Note 5

This morning in Auckland saw the unpacking of the latest phones in Samsung’s lineup, the Galaxy S6 edge+ and the Galaxy Note 5. We had the chance to get hands on with the device, and find out where Samsung are … Read MoreRead More

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5"

Galaxy Tab S 10.5″ by Samsung

The Galaxy Tab S is the flagship of Samsung’s tablet range, boasting a 10.5″ AMOLED screen, enough RAM to power a home computer, and wrapped in a beautiful high quality finish. It takes aim at the iPad range, with its screen … Read MoreRead More

Review: Samsung Galaxy K Zoom