Popular Perception – A free book

We all know that we often have pre-conceptions about people when we meet them. When we work with them, we usually make a bunch of assumptions until we’ve got to where we’re comfortable discussing ourselves. … Read More

Are your product teams on the same page?

As part of an Agile team, you’ll have numerous people all being pulled in different directions. What’s some good practices for you to keep everybody on the same page? Scalable practices Having practices that are the same across all your Agile … Read More

The Borg


“铁板一块”般的企业是指想把同化强加在主导文化里的那类企业。 企业由一群为了共同的奋斗目标而在一起工作的人组成。 难道总裁们忘了这个定义了吗? … Read More