The Oppo R11s takes on the flagships

Today’s upper tier smartphone market is starting to getting crowded, the Oppo R11s just made it a bit snugger up there. Currently, there’s obviously the two main contenders, the Samsung s9 & Apple iPhone X. Both manufacturers have their own … Read More

Parallels Desktop 12 for Mac

When you’re a Mac user as part of an enterprise, you’ll probably hit the Windows wall. Applications such Parallels Desktop 12 aim to make your life a whole lot easier by running them within your Mac environment. … Read More

Life on the Edge – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Why is life on the Edge so interesting, frustrating, and ultimately, the best experience with amazing stories? … Read More

评点:Lenmar ChugPlug外接电源

Lenmar Chugplug可以让你的Macbook电力续航时间更长,为你的工作学习提供方便。好吧,你可能会有如下疑问:现今社会,电源插座已经无所不在,像外接电源这种东西,我们真的还会需要吗? … Read More

评点:13英寸MacBook Pro Retina(2013新款)

在Techday公司,如果我们想保留试测品,我们也得和你一样,去把它给买下来! … Read More


iOS 7发布后,你可能一直在想iTunes广播到底在哪里?好吧,苹果公司的决定是,只有身在美国的人才能使用它。不过,我们倒是有些小方法,可以让你通过Orcon UFB连接来使用这个可爱的服务…… … Read More