Using stripe Payment Gateway in NZ

As you’ll know if you’re an entrepreneur, getting a simple payment gateway in New Zealand is not the easiest thing in the world. You’ll have to jump through a number of hoops, none of which are easy, in order to … Read MoreRead More

评点:色卡司(Thecus)N2310 NAS

一直以来,色卡司(Thecus)以其NAS(网络附属存储)能力闻名。那么,他们是否又开始进入一个全新的市场? … Read More

评点:西部数据(WD)My Cloud Mirror

西部数据(WD) My Cloud Mirror是一款网络附属存储,能让你拥有自己的个人云。它还为你多加了一个RAID1备份,如果你的硬盘出现故障,数据仍能得到保护。 … Read More